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Crisis in the Land of Plenty: Why U.S. Seniors Are Struggling to Survive

America's retirement and elder poverty crisis is painful, frightful, and undeniable—yet some so-called experts want us to believe there's nothing to fret about. The...

WATCH: Credit Card Debt Continues to Skyrocket

Thanks to Biden, more Americans are just charging their everyday purchases because everything's too expensive... Watch now:
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Goldman CEO Predicts Economic Doom as Interest Costs Skyrocket Past Defense and Medicare

Goldman Sachs CEO David M. Solomon recently expressed concern over the Biden administration's spending spree, which has seen the United States accumulate a staggering...
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Feeling the Pinch? Social Security’s 2025 COLA Hits Rock Bottom

The recent Social Security adjustments have been a concern for retirees, especially with the 3.2% increase in benefits at the beginning of 2024. This...
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Mortgage Rates Jump for the Third Straight Time

People looking to buy a home have stayed watching the mortgage rates for the last few years, and ever since Biden became President, they...