Adam Schiff is Confronted at the Airport; Told He Should Be Ashamed of Himself

lev radin /
lev radin / shutterstock.comWhen you think of liars in Congress, none come to mind more than California Representative Adam Schiff – now that George Santos has ...Read More

Mass Stabbing Shows NYC That Crazed People Cannot Be Stopped

Bokic Bojan /
Bokic Bojan / shutterstock.comEarly on the morning of December 3rd, a deranged man in Far Rockaway fully snapped. Leaving four family members hacked to bits, as w ...Read More

Idaho Rep Being Ousted for Some Fresh Blood

DCStockPhotography /
DCStockPhotography / shutterstock.comRep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) is damn near an institution on Capitol Hill. He’s represented the eastern part of Idaho, and the Republican ...Read More

Chicago Mayor Blames MAGA For His Crime-Infested City 

Leonard Zhukovsky /
Leonard Zhukovsky / shutterstock.comWhile Democrats never run out of things to blame conservatives for, the latest will be a stretch even to their stifled imaginations. ...Read More

Bet You Didn’t Have This Trump 2024 Supporter on Your Bingo Card

mikeledray /
mikeledray / shutterstock.comFormer President Donald Trump has had some unique and unexpected supporters before the 2024 election. People who opposed him in 2016 ...Read More

Can’t Make This Up: EV Tires Emit 20% More Pollutants 

BLKstudio /
BLKstudio / shutterstock.comWhile Americans have long dealt with governmental regulation of tailpipe emissions for their gas-powered vehicles, there is somethin ...Read More

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lev radin /
lev radin / shutterstock.comWant to know who the most powerful women in the world are? Forbes has a list. But number three on the list has to be a joke, right? ...Read More

Kamala is Named on a Forbes List; Mockery Ensues

chrisdorney /
chrisdorney / shutterstock.comIt’s now less than a year before the 2024 election. As the list of Republican challengers to frontrunner Donald Trump gets culled — ...Read More

Are Any Dem Challengers Capable of Taking Joe Biden Down?

zimmytws /
zimmytws / shutterstock.comOne thing former President Donald Trump enjoys is creating controversy, and he’s done it again with his recently renewed threats to ...Read More

Trump Hands Biden a Victory by Doubling Down on Obamacare 

AF Branco /
AF Branco / creators.comIf it hasn’t become clear, Bidenomics isn’t working. But just how much extra is it costing you? Well, to be clear that depends on th ...Read More

How Much Extra Cash Americans Need for the Basics

bibiphoto /
bibiphoto / shutterstock.comWhile George Floyd may not have died as a result of the officer’s brutality, we all saw the video cam footage – there was unnecessar ...Read More

Unnecessary Use of a Taser: Atlanta Officer Takes Down Deacon

RozenskiP /
RozenskiP / shutterstock.comJoe Biden’s support among his own voter base has crumbled so badly that not even NBC News can continue to gaslight its own viewers. ...Read More

For the First Time in History, an NBC News Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden

Keith J Finks /
Keith J Finks / shutterstock.comA notorious murder trial in Ireland just wrapped up, and the government’s response to it has UFC champion Conor McGregor calling for ...Read More

MMA Champ Conor McGregor Calls for Civil War in Ireland over Illegal Alien Murders

dizain /
dizain / shutterstock.comThere’s quite a bit of drama happening within the Central Bucks School District of Pennsylvania. They approved a severance package o ...Read More

Pennsylvania School District Superintendent Got Massive Severance Package

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen / shutterstock.comDespite trying to run a campaign to get on the GOP ticket for the 2024 Presidential election, Nikki Haley seems to be incredibly ign ...Read More

Nikki Haley Suicide Bombs Her Own Campaign With the First Amendment

monticello /
monticello / shutterstock.comDemocrats are facing a new challenge in their quest for national domination – the loss of support among Latino voters. It’s an alarm ...Read More

Univision Throws Unexpected Latino Support Behind Trump 

evan_huang /
evan_huang / shutterstock.comAs if we needed any further proof that Joe Biden is bought and paid for by China, his regime has extended an invitation to Chinese a ...Read More

Biden Regime Invited China to Inspect a Sensitive Nuclear Site
shutterstock.comA 49-year-old homeless thug named Matthew Roesch attacked a woman in Times Square in New York last week and tried to steal her belon ...Read More

NYPD Hunts down Man Who Shot at Homeless Suspect Who Was Attacking a Woman

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