LOL: Electric Cars Cost More to Charge in the UK Than a Tank of Gas

nrqemi /
nrqemi / shutterstock.comWell, here’s a hilarious story. Since the rulers of Europe and the United States are being a bunch of idiots about Ukraine, it now c ...Read More

Liberal Poster Children Plotting To Burn Atlanta to the Ground

Micah Casella /
Micah Casella / shutterstock.comMembers of the left have been trying to destroy our cities brick by brick for decades. Their bleeding of hatred, division, and viole ...Read More

How Dems Might Be Seeking to Take Biden Out

Gints Ivuskans /
Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.comIf you hadn’t noticed, Democratic President Joe Biden seems to be in a bit of trouble. Now, to be sure, this shouldn’t be all that s ...Read More

Leftist Heads Explode Over Hockey Player’s Reason for Refusing “Pride” Jersey

esfera /
esfera / shutterstock.comWoke bigots are calling for professional hockey player Ivan Provorov to be fired from the Philadelphia Flyers after he refused to we ...Read More

Putin’s Ally Makes This World-Wide Threat

zef art /
zef art / shutterstock.comA top ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin is making some waves globally by subtly threatening nuclear war with the West if Russ ...Read More

JP Morgan Chase Got “Duped” into Acquiring a Startup…Here’s Their Story

Marti Bug Catcher /
Marti Bug Catcher / shutterstock.comJP Morgan Chase is always acquiring new startups to ensure that they have the best financial product possible for its customers. Con ...Read More

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noamgalai /
noamgalai / shutterstock.comFormer Vice President Mike Pence is having to face the music, too. His team found classified documents in his Indiana home in Januar ...Read More

Pence Did It, Too? Come On Guys…

Shag 7799 /
Shag 7799 / shutterstock.comRussia and its President Vladimir Putin are a very proud people. They like to act as if they believe they are not only an unconquera ...Read More

Despite Being on the Ropes, Russia Talks Like They Are in Control

LightField Studios /
LightField Studios / shutterstock.comRep. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is reporting that the attack on Pelosi’s husband in their home affected her more than anyone has known. ...Read More

Was Rep. Nancy Pelosi Involved with an Exorcism?

LCV / shutterstock.comFormer professional kickboxer and current social media influencer Andrew Tate has seen his world turned upside down since 2023 start ...Read More

Andrew Tate’s Assets in Romania Being Seized As He Sits in Jail

lev radin /
lev radin / shutterstock.comFox News host Tucker Carlson had some words of praise for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Carlson loved the promise the speaker made t ...Read More

Tucker Carlson Agrees with McCarthy, Let Americans See Jan. 6 Video

People Image Studio /
People Image Studio / shutterstock.comThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had a big problem on its hands the morning of January 11th, and the ripple will be spreadi ...Read More

FAA Stops All US Flights, Creates Massive Ripple

CEPTAP / shutterstock.comWhile representatives of the Biden administration have said some horrifically ignorant things in the past, their shortsighted, liber ...Read More

The White House Expects Citizens To Provide for Illegals

nito /
nito / shutterstock.comThe House holdouts that prolonged the vote over Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Speaker of the House ended up getting some massive agr ...Read More

Crenshaw Just Doesn’t Get It

Sheila Fitzgerald /
Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.comWho needs the NFL rivalries at the end of this season? The best match-up out there is between Journalist Paul Sperry and Rep. Adam S ...Read More

Schiff’s Working Hard to Keep THIS from Being Exposed

Andrey Yurlov /
Andrey Yurlov / shutterstock.comEver since COVID broke out in China, some freaky things have happened across the globe. Yet, it was only after the vaccination for C ...Read More

Former NFL Star and Vocal Vax Backer Dies of Sudden Heart Attack

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HorizonUI /
HorizonUI / shutterstock.comKevin McCarthy has done a fairly good job so far as Speaker of the House. He booted Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off the Intelligen ...Read More

Can’t Help Himself: McCarthy Commits His First Self-Own as Speaker

ALDECA studio /
ALDECA studio / shutterstock.comLittle-seen Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm is being thrust into the spotlight to answer to the never-ending rise in energy co ...Read More

Biden’s Secretary of Energy Just As Clueless About Gas As He Is

urfin /
urfin / shutterstock.comIf you weren’t aware, the United States has not been doing very well financially for some time. And no, I’m not just talking about t ...Read More

U.S. Has Already Hit New Debt Ceiling… Here’s What it Means for You

G-Stock Studio /
G-Stock Studio / shutterstock.comRemember when pretty much everyone who worked in the travel industry had to wear masks and had to be vaccinated or else? Hell, even ...Read More

Elites Don’t Want Vaccinated Airplane Crews After All

sandyman /
sandyman / shutterstock.comYou might have heard that there’s been a number of fires at US food production plants around the country over the last couple of yea ...Read More

What’s Really Behind Food Plant Fires

Thoranin Nokyoo /
Thoranin Nokyoo / shutterstock.comWe’ve all undoubtedly heard a lot in recent years and months about gender identity and the rise of transgenderism. For those in the ...Read More

Catholic Diocese Enacts 7 Gender Identity Policies

Naeblys /
Naeblys / shutterstock.comIt’s only a matter of time now before Joe Biden will be shuffled out to pasture, so he can wander around in a nice bathrobe and slip ...Read More

DOJ Let Biden’s Lawyers Search for Stolen Classified Docs with No FBI Oversight

Fedorov Oleksiy /
Fedorov Oleksiy / shutterstock.comTake a look at what Hunter Biden is trying to get America to believe now. The president’s son claimed he paid $49,910 a month to liv ...Read More

Did Hunter Biden Funnel Money Through Rent for Joe’s Delaware Home?

Robert Kneschke /
Robert Kneschke / shutterstock.comJapan is now going through the worst wave of COVID deaths since the pandemic initially escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, sometime ...Read More

Japanese Doctors Baffled Why So Many Vaccinated People Are Dying Suddenly

Daniel Tadevosyan /
Daniel Tadevosyan / shutterstock.comOur Second Amendment rights are under attack. Why? Because when one person uses a gun illegally, the liberal government wants to pen ...Read More

Why Gun Owners Continue to Fight for Second Amendment Rights

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