Katie Hobbs Mysteriously Steps Down as Arizona Governor

Tartila / shutterstock.com
Tartila / shutterstock.comSomething incredibly strange just happened in the State of Arizona. Governor Katie Hobbs abruptly stepped down from office for one n ...Read More

House Oversight Committee Launches New Investigation and Brings 3 Witnesses Against Biden

Salma Bashir Motiwala / shutterstock.com
Salma Bashir Motiwala / shutterstock.comBiden’s administration has been hit rather hard and on multiple fronts this past week by the House Oversight Committee. First, they ...Read More

Syrian Refugee Gets Probation for Raping a 15-Year-Old

Joyseulay / shutterstock.com
Joyseulay / shutterstock.comA Syrian refugee who confessed to raping a 15-year-old girl has been given probation for his crime. It’s a truly infuriating develop ...Read More

Men in Dresses Cause Revolt at Daughters of the American Revolution

Fotokvadrat / shutterstock.com
Fotokvadrat / shutterstock.comThe Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) has a bit of a revolt on its hands after the group’s leadership voted to allow men in ...Read More

Rumors Swirl of Another Newsom Run

Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.com
Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.comIs anyone still wondering why California Governor Gavin Newsom isn’t running for 2024? Well, a recent move by the ultra-liberal says ...Read More

Video: Joe Biden’s Body Double Spotted Leaving Event

Chris Allan / shutterstock.com
Chris Allan / shutterstock.comWill the real “Joe Biden” please stand up? Last week, the clearest video evidence we have yet emerged of one of Joe Biden’s body dou ...Read More

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BNP Design Studio / shutterstock.com
BNP Design Studio / shutterstock.comWe have good news and bad news to report when it comes to the mass immigration crisis that is destroying America. The good news is t ...Read More

Biden Moves to Deport Christian Homeschooling Family

Zdenek Sasek / shutterstock.com
Zdenek Sasek / shutterstock.comConservatives are reacting to newly released video and photographs showing National Guard troops helping illegal immigrants across t ...Read More

All is Not As It Seems: Conservatives Going Wild Over Videos Showing National Guard Helping Illegals Cross 

RKingly / shutterstock.com
RKingly / shutterstock.comThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Biden White House knew that the COVID vaccines were killing people as e ...Read More

Coverup: New Emails Prove Biden White House Lied About COVID Vax Dangers in Early 2021

d1sk / shutterstock.com
d1sk / shutterstock.comYou can easily find a video of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) having her boob grabbed on a night vision camera in a Colorado theater if ...Read More

Hunter Biden Has a Mugshot, and the Government Doesn’t Want You to See It

AYA images / shutterstock.com
AYA images / shutterstock.comFarmer’s markets play a crucial role in supporting and stimulating the economy in various ways. Consider these reasons on your way t ...Read More

Why Farmer’s Markets are Key to Our Economy (and Our Future)

Mike Mareen / shutterstock.com
Mike Mareen / shutterstock.comAfter a major malfunction of an F-35 fighter jet, the liberal left wasted no time coming after the project and calling it a failure ...Read More

Leftist News Outlet Decried Pinnacle Jet As Waste of Money Despite Its Minimal Setbacks and Massive Achievements

Luiza Kamalova / shutterstock.com
Luiza Kamalova / shutterstock.comGeorge Soros is paying millions of dollars to an army of Generation Z ‘TikTokers’ to bash conservatives—especially Donald Trump—whil ...Read More

George Soros Pays $5.5 Million to ‘TikTok Army’ to Bash Conservatives

blue tiger eye / shutterstock.com
blue tiger eye / shutterstock.comOfficials are finally done looking into the Department of Justice (DOJ)’s shameful investigation and prosecution of CEFC China Energ ...Read More

DOJ Caught Hiding Biden’s Relationship With “Spy Chief of China”

Eric Rosenwald / shutterstock.com
Eric Rosenwald / shutterstock.comWe all know Democratic President Joe Biden has done a piss poor job of either securing our national borders or keeping Americans saf ...Read More

Border Patrol is Finally Allowed to Do Its Job

DuckStudio / shutterstock.com
DuckStudio / shutterstock.comSpeaking in Hanoi, Vietnam, on September 10th, President Biden once again brought up the Democrat’s favorite money laundering operat ...Read More

Biden Thinks Climate Change Is a Bigger Risk Than Nuclear War

PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / shutterstock.com
PeopleImages.com - Yuri A / shutterstock.com19-year-old Coco Gauff won the US Open on Saturday night. She became only the second 19-year-old to ever accomplish this after Seren ...Read More

Tony Dungy Corrects CNN on What it Looks Like When an Athlete Prays

Photo Spirit . shutterstock.com
Photo Spirit . shutterstock.comYou read that right. Dennis Brown was sitting in a rental car in a Dallas, Texas neighborhood when it suddenly caught fire. Paralyze ...Read More

We Still Have Good People out There; Woman Pulls Man From Burning Car

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Amir Aziz / shutterstock.comAmir Aziz / shutterstock.com

Newsom Takes Time Out to Defend Hunter Biden

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