Lightfoot’s Chicago Continues to Be a Danger

Rudy Balasko /
The word “impeachment” gets thrown around a lot. Many tried to impeach Donald Trump. And now that the GOP is in the House majority, ...Read More

Kari Lake Digs in for Long Legal Fight Over Another Stolen Arizona Election

lev radin /
Now that the 2022 midterm election for Governor of Arizona has been called for Democrat Katie Hobbs, there’s no longer any doubt as ...Read More

What It Takes to Golf Like Trump

Stuart Miles /
It’s hard to talk about Donald Trump without talking about his love for golf. And the Democrats used to love pointing out how much t ...Read More

Inflation Will Be the Grinch of 2022

AveCamera /
With Christmas 2022 just around the corner, many are left wondering how they will afford to give their families a great Christmas. O ...Read More

PA Gov. Elect Arrests Democratic Consultant for Tremendous Ballot Fraud

No-Mad /
Democrat and Pennsylvania Governor-elect Josh Shapiro is already stepping up for democracy in Pennsylvania. He’s going after a forme ...Read More

Could a Lack of Firearms Safety Be Causing High Military Suicides?

Military suicides continue to be a problem year after year. While the military provides counseling, it often isn’t enough – especial ...Read More

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Katherine Welles /
If it’s not been made clear yet, there was not all that much of a red wave during the 2022 midterm elections – at least not as much ...Read More

The 5 GOP Members Standing in McCarthy’s Ascension Path

Phil Pasquini /
Dr. Anthony Fauci has been outspoken about his stance on COVID since the very beginning. He has taken great pride in everything he d ...Read More

Fauci Tries To Duck His Involvement in the Social Media Muzzling of Truthers During the Early Days of COVID

Stanslavs /
Everyone understands that the FTX cryptocurrency scam was some sort of CIA spook operation to meddle in American elections, right? T ...Read More

FTX Gave Cash to McConnell & McCarthy and It Looks as Bad as It Sounds

Joseph Sohm /
If you know anything about former President and now-2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump, it’s likely that he’s really good at m ...Read More

Three Reforms That Establishment Politicians are Going to Hate from Trump

Ever since it burst into the American drug scene, fentanyl has been a huge problem. From drug pushers using it to cut their product ...Read More

Addictions and Deaths From Fentanyl May Be a Thing of the Past Thanks to a New Vaccine

Zack Frank /
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner was impeached by the Republican-led state House on Wednesday, in a development that rec ...Read More

Soros-Funded Philly DA Impeached…And State Senate May Have the Votes to Remove Him

James Andrews1 /
As you well know, the Democratic Party just had a good trouncing – at least in the House of Representatives. If anything, that shoul ...Read More

AOC’s New Nightmare Arrives

Evgenius1985 /
No matter where, how, why, or when a mass shooting occurs, the left will attempt to push its liberal agenda down the throats of law- ...Read More

Another Mass Shooting, Another Attempt To Push the Liberal Agenda

One of the most alarming things in recent history – other than US politicians funding Ukraine’s entire government with our tax dolla ...Read More

How Google Helped the Massachusetts Government Spy on People in the Pandemic

Monster Ztudio/
The state of Arizona has given the illegal aliens who have invaded the border and decimated the resources of the state the gift of f ...Read More

Arizona Now Giving Illegals In-State College Tuition

Kristi Blokhin/
You might want to sit down before you read this because it’s going to sound so implausible, but… there were FBI informants and agita ...Read More

8 More Fed Instigators Revealed in the January 6 Protests

Evan El-Amin/
If you watch the news much, you’ll know that former US President Donald Trump has had a steady flow of lawsuits, both federal and ci ...Read More

Vindman’s Case Against Trump is Thrown Out… More Anti-Trump Lies Exposed

Just In...

Gino Santa Maria /
Former President Donald Trump is holding his ground on rejecting the results of Arizona’s gubernatorial election. He is challenging ...Read More

Trump Demands Kari Lake Be Installed As Arizona’s Governor

Gints Ivuskans /
Creepy Joe Biden has done it again. Just when you think he couldn’t possibly embarrass the United States and drag us down an economi ...Read More

Joe Biden’s Promise to Pay Climate Reparations to Dictators Will End Badly

Jamie Lamor Thompson /
For those of us who need some more on the story of Elon Musk versus Alyssa Milano, take a look at this recent interaction. “I’m not ...Read More

Elon Musk and Alyssa Milano Are Putting on Quite a Show at Twitter

Christopher Slesarchik /
Criminals in many cities don’t feel as though anything bad will happen to them. And this is something that the Democrats seem to hav ...Read More

Criminals are Becoming More Brazen…Now What?

Lightspring /
There’s been a lot of finger-pointing after the Red Tsunami of Vengeance failed to materialize in the 2022 midterms. Two of the peop ...Read More

How Big Tech Put Its Finger on the Scale AGAIN in the 2022 Midterms

Lightspring /
A Canadian man applied to have the government euthanize him when he was about to be evicted from his rooming house. When faced with ...Read More

Canadian Man Facing Eviction Asks the Government to Euthanize Him

Number1411 /
If you haven’t figured it out by now, some states are clearly more interested in being woke than being safe or even just. Take New Y ...Read More

NY Schools to Remove Funding if Native American Mascots Aren’t Nixed

Unai Huizi Photography /
The vaccine fanatics aren’t going to like this story. A new study published in The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation shows t ...Read More

Uh Oh: Covid Shots Are Making People Reject Their Own Organ Transplants

Rich Koele /
With the announcement by former President Donald Trump that he will be running for the Oval Office again in 2024, it seems the whole ...Read More

Kristi Noem for US President?

lev radin/
Florida Senator Rick Scott is piling on with criticism against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He is not happy with how the ...Read More

Sen. Rick Scott Doing the Unthinkable…Dislodging Sen. Mitch McConnell

Daniel Hernandez-Salazar/
It was on November 4th that NBC’s “Today Show” had a breaking story on the strange attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker of the ...Read More

Is NBC Still Covering Up Real Story of Paul Pelosi’s Assault?

Fake imposter Joe Biden appears to be very sick. He was supposed to show up at a fancy supper with the other G-20 leaders on Monday ...Read More

Brace Yourself for President Kamala Because Biden Might Be Really Sick

Brian A Jackson/
California tends to make some sketchy moves. They claim that they want to make things better, but then they do the exact OPPOSITE. I ...Read More

Californians Better Hope Crime Doesn’t Happen During the Day with THIS Move

Damian Lugowski/
Students have been given quite a bit over the past few years thanks to the progressive agenda. LGBTQ students have been given quiet ...Read More

Illinois Students Demand Even More to Advance Progressive Agenda

Michael Vi/
Back in September, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky was a good person and got her bivalent COVI ...Read More

Yale University Requiring COVID Booster Shots for Students but Not Faculty

Conservative writer Marc Thiessen, a regular contributor to Fox News, has an intense challenge for the Republican Party. He believes ...Read More

Fox News Pundit Calls the Midterms a ‘Searing Indictment’ Against the GOP

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