Ashli Babbitt’s Mom Arrested for Allegedly Punching an Actual Domestic Terrorist

Jim Lambert /
Jim Lambert / shutterstock.comAshli Babbitt’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, has been tirelessly advocating on behalf of the peaceful Trump supporters who have been unj ...Read More

12 out of 12 Eastern Oregon Counties Vote to Abandon Leftist Portland and Join Idaho

Alexander Lukatskiy /
Alexander Lukatskiy / shutterstock.comBlue states and red states in America are going to have to separate into two separate nations in the near future. There’s no longer ...Read More

Democrats Are Often Guilty of Breaking One of the 10 Commandments

Robert Young /
Robert Young / shutterstock.comFor any Christian, the 10 Commandments are serious. They serve as the basis of morality. And these are even for the people who aren’ ...Read More

Two Dems Jump Ship on Biden Student Loan Cancellation Plans 

ShutterstockProfessional /
ShutterstockProfessional / shutterstock.comAs if Democrats didn’t have enough to worry about with wildcards Joe Manchin (D-W. V) and Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) foiling the liberal ...Read More

Turns Out Veterans Aren’t the Extremists That Leftists Want Them To Be

PEPPERSMINT / shutterstock.comFollowing the January 6th demonstration at the Capitol in 2021, the leftists smelled blood in the water when it was revealed that th ...Read More

Fed-Up Mayor Launches Campaign to Unseat Sen. Mitt Romney

Maria Dryfhout /
Maria Dryfhout / shutterstock.comA Utah mayor is completely fed up with Mitt Romney embarrassing the red state he’s supposed to be representing. Riverton Mayor Trent ...Read More

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AF Branco /
AF Branco / Creators.comIt seems that retailers, entertainers, manufacturers, and athletes never learn their lessons when it comes to voicing their opinions ...Read More

Is Target Missing the Target Again? Diversity Chief Demands White Women Speak Up About Racism 

rarrarorro /
rarrarorro / shutterstock.comArizona’s elections have been a hot mess for the past decade. Allegations of electoral fraud, especially in Maricopa County, have ha ...Read More

Arizona’s Fake Unelected ‘Governor’ Vetoes Election Integrity Bills

Stockah /
Stockah / shutterstock.comThe summer is upon us, and that means more time spent outdoors. Whether you’re swimming in the pool, playing catch in the backyard, ...Read More

Spend Time Outdoors (And Do So Bug-Free)

tommaso79 /
tommaso79 / shutterstock.com18-year-old Cayler Ellingson attended a street dance at a North Dakota festival last year when a left-wing radical lunatic, 42-year- ...Read More

Left-Wing Radical Gets Slap on the Wrist After Mowing Down Conservative Teenager

Brian Goodman /
Brian Goodman / shutterstock.comOver 12 weeks have passed since the North Carolina Senate passed the bill paving the way for medical marijuana in the state. Now the ...Read More

North Carolina House Now Welcoming Debates About Medical Marijuana

There have been rumors pretty much since the existence of government that our leaders are keeping things from us – things we have th ...Read More

Report Proves Government Secret Hidden for 65 Years

Michael Fitzsimmons /
Michael Fitzsimmons / shutterstock.comAnyone who’s served has watched Department of Defense (DoD) contractors screw up everything under the sun and still maintain their c ...Read More

Want To Lose F-35 Parts? Hire a DoD Contractor

Stock-Asso /
Stock-Asso / shutterstock.comBeing a gourmet chef can ensure you have amazing meals to serve on a daily basis and on special occasions. Plenty of celebrity chefs ...Read More

How to Be More of a Gourmet Chef (Hint: It’s About the Knives)

DimaBerlin /
DimaBerlin / shutterstock.comStaying cool in the summer is an important part of staying healthy and avoiding heat-related illnesses. The hot weather can be dange ...Read More

How to Stay Cool This Summer

Deemerwha studio /
Deemerwha studio / shutterstock.comChristianity is one of the world’s major religions and has had an immense impact on the development of civilization. It has shaped c ...Read More

Be Inspired with a Class on Christianity

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