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Mutated Wolves at Chernobyl May Hold the Keys to Curing Cancer 

Animals have an astounding way of rising to meet challenges, frequently thriving in areas that humans would call inhospitable. The ability of wildlife to...
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Border Patrol Warns America: No One Going to Save Us from Cartels

As I am sure you are aware, we have a bit of a border crisis on our hands. Hell, even the border agents themselves...
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737 MAX Nightmare: Boeing on the Brink of Criminal Charges

By July 7, the Justice Department will finally get off its indecisive backside and decide whether to prosecute Boeing for shamelessly violating the 2021...
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Goldman CEO Predicts Economic Doom as Interest Costs Skyrocket Past Defense and Medicare

Goldman Sachs CEO David M. Solomon recently expressed concern over the Biden administration's spending spree, which has seen the United States accumulate a staggering...
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Another Conflict of Interest in Hush Money Trial: Prosecutor Was Paid by DNC 

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan has been busy uncovering the blatant “abuse of prosecutorial authority” running rampant in trials against former President Donald Trump,...
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Shocking Update in Immigration Policy: Biden Targets Vulnerable Children

The Biden administration is gearing up to put a partial end to the 27-year-old court oversight of how the government handles unaccompanied child migrants...
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Is Tech Hurting Our Health?

With more technology comes more health problems. Is there a correlation? Share your thoughts with this quick poll: Can't see the poll? Click HERE.
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The Swamp Wins: Mike Johnson Expects to Stay in Power Indefinitely

Mike Johnson has proven himself to be an even worse Republican Speaker of the House than Denny Hastert. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering Hastert...
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Fetterman Shocks Everyone With His Latest Endorsement – It’s Not What You Think

Brace yourselves for the political odd couple of the century – Democratic Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida...

Trump Reviews Potential VP Candidates

With primaries throughout the US continuing and Donald Trump remaining as the top GOP contender, it’s about time for him to make a real...