Chinese Auto Exec Says Trump Got It Wrong: “Bloodbath” Heading for US Auto Industry

Scharfsinn /
Scharfsinn /

When former President Donald Trump talked about the “bloodbath” coming for the US economy, the mainstream media reframed it repeatedly. While they used it to vilify the GOP nominee for 2024, he stood there foretold of the great economic hardship we can expect with four more years of Biden. His comments were based on ones given by He Xiaopeng, the CEO of XPeng Motors.

Announced by CNBC, Xiaopeng issued a memo to XPeng employees where he detailed their plans for domination of the economy here in the US. “This year also marks the beginning of a fierce competition that may end in a ‘bloodbath’ (or as I prefer to call it, the brutal ‘knockout round’) among Chinese automakers…XPeng has engaged in this cutthroat competition right from the outset, thus accumulating considerable experience. Our guts, grit, and perseverance, I firmly believe, will lead us to victory.”

The outline of this plan by Xiaopeng should concern every American. As we have seen time and time again, Chinese companies are more than happy to flood the American market and take a loss on each item sold. With their government funneling in subsidies to make up for the losses, the Chinese have been playing the long game with the US economy and supply chains.

When it comes to automobiles, the American taste is evolving, and thanks to inflation people need cars they can afford, and not just luxury. In the case of XPeng, they can sell cars significantly cheaper than American manufacturers, especially as they are setting up factories in Mexico. Saving money at every corner, they’ll easily undercut American competition. Both Xiaopeng and Trump made the perfect case for why we need Trump to return.