Portland Preps for Riots Ahead of the 2024 Election

JPL Designs / shutterstock.com
JPL Designs / shutterstock.com

The birds are singing, the first green shoots of spring are poking out of the ground, and the federal courthouse in Portland, OR, is being hardened against terrorist attacks. It’s 2024, and that means riot season is almost upon the City of Roses once again!

The city has begun erecting massive barricades around the Mark O. Hatfield US Courthouse. The federal courthouse was the site of sustained domestic terrorist attacks for months on end before the 2020 election. The attacks were in protest of a convicted felon and drug addict named George Floyd, who died from an overdose while in police custody in Minneapolis, which is 1,730 miles away from Portland.

The new barricades around the courthouse look like massive airplane hangar doors. They’re also expected to be much sturdier than the chain link fencing used in 2020, which left Portland police and federal officers vulnerable to fireworks, explosives, and ball bearings shot through slingshots by the domestic terrorist attackers.

Those attacks cost $1.6 million in damages to the federal courthouse. The city was also sued by multiple residents who live nearby after they were dosed with teargas inside their homes by cops responding to the terrorists.

The city has also had to replace its entire 50-member Portland Police Bureau crowd control team. The previous team all quit when one of their members was charged with assault by Portland’s woke district attorney for hitting a terrorist with his baton.

All told, Portland taxpayers have been forced to foot the bill for about $5 million in preparations for this year’s riot season. It speaks volumes that the Democrats in charge of the city already know that their usual foot soldiers in BLM and other groups will be rioting later this year.