When Ukraine Collapses in Total Defeat, Joe Biden Now Owns It

AF Branco / creators.com
AF Branco / creators.com

In a true puke-on-your-own-shoes moment for the American taxpayers, members of the US Congress treasonously waved Ukrainian flags on the floor of the House of Representatives over the weekend. They had just agreed to print another $61 billion to send to Joe Biden’s doomed campaign in Ukraine, thus extending the hyperinflation that Americans are suffering through. Ukraine is doing so badly in the war, however, that this could backfire spectacularly on Biden and Congress. Here’s why.

Stupid people and liars are the only ones who ever thought that a corrupt, Third World backwater dump like Ukraine (population 33 million) stood a chance at defeating the technologically advanced Russian military (population 147 million). You’d have to be a Lindsay Graham level of dumb to think that Russia was ever going to lose this pointless war that Joe Biden and Barack Obama started.

Even with NATO’s help, Russia’s victory over Ukraine was a foregone conclusion. NATO and the United States have spent the last 30+ years fighting wars against unsophisticated desert countries in the Middle East. We’ve certainly looked superior over those guys. However, Russia and China have spent the last 30+ years watching us fight against inferior countries while simultaneously developing new military technologies and methods of defeating us.

As a result, Russia’s air defense systems and aerial superiority over anything that the US or NATO currently has is going to shock the world if the globalists are dumb enough or crazy enough to start World War III. Even the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” acknowledged this fact. Russia could wipe NATO out if it wanted to, and contrary to the belief of the people who just sent Ukraine another $60 billion, that’s not even a goal of Putin’s.

Russia hasn’t even sent in its frontline troops yet. They’re still using scrubs from Chechnya and other former Soviet bloc countries.

Plus, it’s not like most of the money is being used on the war anyway. Just last month, Ukraine’s dictator Volodymyr Zelensky paid $21.8 million for the Highgrove House in the UK. That was Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s country home back in the day. Where do you suppose the little crook from Ukraine got the money for that purchase?

The war is lost, and most people realize this by now. Ukraine is conscripting autistic adults and putting rifles in their hands to send them out and get slaughtered in the meat grinder. (Because democracy!) They don’t have anyone left to send into the fight. The average age of most conscripts is currently 50. More than 650,000 young, military-aged Ukrainian men fled the country the day that the war started because even they didn’t believe in the war.

This begs the question—why should we care about this war if they don’t care enough to fight it?

Donald Trump presented the Democrats and RINOs in Congress the perfect opportunity to dump this entire debacle in his lap. He came out in opposition to the funding package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Ukraine is going to lose this war decisively, possibly sooner than later. If Congress had killed the funding package and Ukraine lost the war, Joe Biden could have blamed the entire debacle on President Trump.

“Ukraine would have won if Donald Trump hadn’t meddled in it!”

Instead, Congress and Biden are sending another $61 billion over there, and Ukraine is going to lose the war anyway. When Ukraine loses, there’s no one to blame for it except for Joe Biden and those traitors who waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor.