11-Year-Old Dies Huffing Paint in Latest TikTok Challenge

DANIEL CONSTANTE / shutterstock.com
DANIEL CONSTANTE / shutterstock.com

Right as Congress is about to pass bipartisan legislation to force Red China to divest from TikTok, an 11-year-old British boy has died after participating in the latest TikTok craze. Young Tommie-Lee Billington and a friend learned about huffing paint and chemicals from TikTok and tried it after a sleepover. Tommie-Lee immediately went into cardiac arrest, and medics were unable to revive him.

Tommie-Lee is the third child to die in the UK since “chroming,” otherwise known as huffing paint, suddenly became a new TikTok craze. Two teenage girls died from it previously. Tommie-Lee’s mother is now begging other parents to not let their kids have the social media app.

It’s amazing that so many parents have failed to recognize all this time that TikTok is a psychological weapon that China is using against the youth in Western civilization. In Communist China, TikTok is filled with wholesome educational videos. In the US and the UK, it’s filled with videos of transgender weirdness, eating Tide pods, and now huffing paint.

Even as Congress pushed to move forward with legislation that would force divestiture from the Chinese, TikTok enlisted tens of thousands of teenagers and children in the US—some as young as 6—to launch an opposition campaign to it. Congress was flooded with tens of thousands of calls last week from American kids. Many of the kids threatened to kill themselves if TikTok is shut down (which the bill doesn’t do).

“I will kill you if you f**king shut down TikTok,” a teenage boy warned one US Representative in a voicemail. “I will really really f**k you up. So don’t shut down TikTok. Bye bye!”

It’s clear that TikTok exercises incredible power over children’s minds. The question is why it’s taken Congress so long to do something that President Donald Trump warned them to do years ago.