Pence Did It, Too? Come On Guys…

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noamgalai / shutterstock.comFormer Vice President Mike Pence is having to face the music, too. His team found classified documents in his Indiana home in January according to a letter that informed Congress on Tuesday. The former vice president’s team contacted the acting director of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on Jan 18. They requested assistance […]

Despite Being on the Ropes, Russia Talks Like They Are in Control

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Shag 7799 / shutterstock.comRussia and its President Vladimir Putin are a very proud people. They like to act as if they believe they are not only an unconquerable country but like they are winning their conflict in Ukraine. They are barely holding on and, instead, welcoming more damage to their own country as a result of their failed […]

Was Rep. Nancy Pelosi Involved with an Exorcism?

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LightField Studios / shutterstock.comRep. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is reporting that the attack on Pelosi’s husband in their home affected her more than anyone has known. She has even invited priests to come and perform an exorcism in her home after her husband, Paul, was attacked with a hammer by an alleged intruder. Pelosi told The New York Times […]

Andrew Tate’s Assets in Romania Being Seized As He Sits in Jail

LCV / shutterstock.comFormer professional kickboxer and current social media influencer Andrew Tate has seen his world turned upside down since 2023 started. While he has become the latest darling of many young conservatives, his track record with women, his outlook on life, and his luxurious lifestyle have won him no fans on the left. One of his […]

Tucker Carlson Agrees with McCarthy, Let Americans See Jan. 6 Video

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lev radin / shutterstock.comFox News host Tucker Carlson had some words of praise for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Carlson loved the promise the speaker made to release 14,000 hours of video footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol building. McCarthy spoke to reporters during a Thursday press conference and said that he believed the public […]

FAA Stops All US Flights, Creates Massive Ripple

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People Image Studio / shutterstock.comThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had a big problem on its hands the morning of January 11th, and the ripple will be spreading globally. With thousands of flights being delayed or canceled as well as hundreds of flights being forced to ground earlier than expected, many worries that we had seen 9/11 again. This time […]

The White House Expects Citizens To Provide for Illegals

CEPTAP / shutterstock.comWhile representatives of the Biden administration have said some horrifically ignorant things in the past, their shortsighted, liberal policy-first mentality is doing nothing but causing further diversion among Americans. With the recent surge of illegal immigration, they have been playing the race cards and history cards like they will get everyone to ignore the 300,000-pound […]

Crenshaw Just Doesn’t Get It

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nito / shutterstock.comThe House holdouts that prolonged the vote over Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Speaker of the House ended up getting some massive agreements on new House rules. One of the casualties of the intense negotiations seems to be Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). Some believe that there were things revealed about him that were not good; […]

Schiff’s Working Hard to Keep THIS from Being Exposed

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Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.comWho needs the NFL rivalries at the end of this season? The best match-up out there is between Journalist Paul Sperry and Rep. Adam Schiff. Schiff has been trying to silence Sperry and get him suspended from Twitter, but he is refusing to go quietly. He continues to report on things that Schiff obviously did […]

Former NFL Star and Vocal Vax Backer Dies of Sudden Heart Attack

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Andrey Yurlov / shutterstock.comEver since COVID broke out in China, some freaky things have happened across the globe. Yet, it was only after the vaccination for COVID came into existence that the real plan became visible to those who would pay attention. This was about not only thinning of the herd by the virus but also the vaccination […]