Biden Begging for Billions So Sanctuary Cities Get a Payday
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Sanctuary cities across the nation are starting to get a taste of their own medicine as illegals coming over the border are flooding their town. With many of them lacking the available resources and infrastructure to deal with such a surge, they are now stuck in a panic. In turn, they have resorted to telling President Biden that they need money to make his open borders idea happen. To make it happen, Biden is now asking for $13 billion in taxpayer funds to hand over to these cities.

Filed in the 2025 budget for Congress, without the GOP flipping the Senate and House to a majority in November it will likely pass. If approved, the money could be handed out to these cities as early as the first of October 2024. With one known illegal showing up in the US for every naturally born American since Biden took office, they are changing the landscape of the US massively.

With major companies welcoming the surge of illegals since they can hire them and put them to work at a low cost, Biden and his fellow liberals are making massive profits from it. These illegals will take the dirty, dangerous, and short-lived jobs for pennies on the dollar too. A report from Bloomberg highlighted the problem these illegals are causing to the American workforce.

“Tyson [Foods Inc.] is constantly in search of workers to fill jobs in its factories — tasks like washing meat, placing the cuts into trays, and doing a final inspection for bones. Dolan says the company expects about 40% of the 100,000 people in these roles will leave each year, a statistic he says is standard across the meatpacking industry. To meet this need, he said, Tyson plans to hire about 52,000 people at that wage class — which starts at $16.50 an hour, plus benefits — in 2024 alone.”