Dem Congresswoman States the Moon is Made of Gas (Not Cheese)

Dima Zel /
Dima Zel /

If you had to come up with a list of the dumbest members of the United States Congress, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) would probably be on the list. There are a lot of good candidates for such a list since we have such unimpressive leaders in America these days, but Jackson Lee is definitely a contender for the crown. She demonstrated it again this week while talking about the solar eclipse with students at Booker T. Washington High School in Houston.

Keep in mind that Jackson Lee once served on the House Science Committee and on the subcommittee that oversees NASA and space policy. However, she doesn’t even seem to have the understanding of an elementary student when it comes to basic facts about space and the moon.

During her talk with high school students, she made a series of blatantly false statements, including the following:

  • The moon is made out of gases
  • The gaseous atmosphere of the moon may or may not be habitable for humans
  • Moonlight provides energy at night
  • It is ‘almost’ impossible to go near the sun

Imagine the pressure that those poor high school students listening to Sheila Jackson Lee must have felt. Should they believe their science teachers, who taught them one thing about the sun and moon, or their member of Congress, who was telling them the exact opposite? To her credit, at least Rep. Jackson Lee didn’t try to tell the students that the moon is made from green cheese.

How is this person even a member of the House of Representatives? Watch this bizarre speech about science with the students if you dare. Our only advice is that you shouldn’t write any of Sheila Jackson Lee’s assertions down because one day science might disprove her!