Disgraced Dem Mayor Hired to Investigate ‘Worst Mayor in America’

Song_about_summer / shutterstock.com
Song_about_summer / shutterstock.com

Most of us likely hoped we had heard the last of Lori Lightfoot when she was replaced as Chicago’s mayor last year. Unfortunately, the problematic mayor did not exactly slip into quiet oblivion. Rather, she’s somehow managed to get the job of investigating the ‘worst mayor in America.’

Now, if you know much about Lightfoot’s tenure as a mayor herself, you likely remember that the Windy City didn’t get any better under her rule.

Instead, it’s been noted that crime went up, the school systems fell into further disarray, the economy suffered, and allegations of police misconduct were everywhere. There were also accusations that Lightfoot was a bit racist, often refusing to speak to any reporter who wasn’t black and haranguing white cops.

Of course, that’s all in the past now…

Enter America’s new ‘worst mayor’: Tiffany Henyard.

If you haven’t heard of her, you aren’t alone. After all, it’s not like she leads a major metropolis. Instead, she has been appointed to see over the village of Dolton. And yes, it’s classified as a village.

Also, in Illinois, Dolton has seen their town and already limited resources squandered under Henyard – enough so that they are demanding an investigation into her.

Most concerning about Henyard’s misconduct is that she has, on numerous occasions, used taxpayer funds to take lavish trips and getaways. One such trip to Las Vegas last May was supposed to serve Dolton’s “economy development.”

Yet, after days of Henyard being in Vegas and spending untold dollar amounts, not a single mention of economic development was brought back to the Board of Trustees.

The self-proclaimed “super mayor” has also been accused of using the police to harass and eventually shutter businesses and individuals that won’t do her bidding or donate to her. One business owner confirms that he was forced to shutter his shop after being accused of illegal alcohol sales immediately after refusing to contribute thousands to Henyard’s campaign.

So yeah, she’s definitely not mayor of the year or anything. In fact, she’s misspent enough village funds to warrant a separate FBI investigation.

Of course, that apparently isn’t good enough for the board of Dolton. Instead, they’ve hired their own investigator. Lightfoot, who is a former federal prosecutor and prominent attorney, has been promised $400 an hour to look into Henyard and report back to the board.

In a statement accepting her new case, the disgraced mayor said, “As someone who has made good governance the cornerstone of my career in public service, I recognize that maintaining the trust of those you serve and making decisions in their best interests is essential.”

As such, Lightfoot is promising to offer her findings and recommendations to the board “without bias.”

Gee, that’s awfully kind of her.

Now, I’m definitely not saying that Super Mayor’ Henyard doesn’t deserve multiple investigations and probably some jail time.

I’m not sure that hiring a former mayor with some questionable allegations of her own and a failed agenda is the answer. Only in the movies does it make sense to hire a criminal to catch a criminal. In real life, this is far more likely to be a complete waste of time and taxpayer money.

What do you think?