Hunter Biden Begs FOX to Remove His Racy Photos from Their Platforms

Andrew Leyden /
Andrew Leyden /

Hunter Biden has taken a strong stance against Fox News, demanding the removal of private, sexually explicit images from the network’s platforms. His legal team alleges that these images were unlawfully published and are part of a broader conspiracy to defame him and his father, President Joe Biden. Hunter’s attorneys, Mark Geragos, Bryan Freedman, and Tina Glandian, have sent a letter to Fox News and FOX Corp., calling for corrections and retractions regarding claims of bribery and other unlawful activities.

Hunter Biden’s demands for Fox News to remove explicit images seem a tad ironic, considering the numerous controversies surrounding his actions. It’s like trying to clean up a mess while standing knee-deep in mud. Everyone’s entitled to legal maneuvers, even if they raise an eyebrow or two.

This move comes as part of Hunter Biden’s ongoing battle against what he perceives as relentless attacks from conservative media, particularly Fox News. His lawyers are prepared to take legal action against Fox but have not yet filed a lawsuit. Hunter’s aggressive strategy has raised concerns among some of President Biden’s political advisers. Still, the president himself has stood by his son, who is facing separate legal issues related to guns and taxes.

Fox News has been accused of sensationalizing Hunter Biden’s personal life for ratings and financial gain. The network aired a mock trial of Hunter Biden in 2022 and published intimate images that Hunter’s legal team claims were obtained through hacking or other illicit means. These actions, according to Hunter’s attorneys, violate laws against nonconsensual disclosure of explicit material, commonly known as “revenge porn” laws.

The letter from Hunter Biden’s legal team specifically targets Fox News’ coverage of bribery allegations. They argue that Fox News failed to correct its reporting after new information emerged, including the indictment of an FBI informant involved in the case. Alexander Smirnov, the informant, faces charges of lying to investigators and is awaiting trial.

Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, and Jesse Watters are named in the letter, with demands for on-air retractions and corrections regarding the debunked bribery allegations. Hunter Biden’s attorneys accuse Fox News of doubling down on false claims and using Smirnov’s indictment to further a conspiracy narrative.

The bribery allegations have been a focal point of Republican efforts to investigate and potentially impeach President Biden. However, reports suggest that GOP lawmakers lack sufficient support for impeachment.

The irony is thick in the air as Hunter Biden, amidst his legal woes, becomes a champion for privacy and ethical journalism. It’s a plot twist that even Hollywood would find a bit too on the nose. But in politics and media wars, every move is strategic, even if it means donning the armor of righteousness while carrying a baggage train of controversies. Hunter’s legal maneuverings are like a chess match on a board of headlines and courtroom dramas. Fox News is the formidable opponent on this particular square.

This situation highlights the ongoing tensions between Hunter Biden and conservative media, particularly Fox News. The demand for removing explicit images and corrections to false reporting reflects Hunter’s determination to push back against what he sees as unfair attacks on his character and family.

It’s crucial to understand the political dynamics at play. The GOP’s scrutiny of Hunter Biden and his father’s alleged misconduct reflects their commitment to accountability and transparency, especially when it comes to actions that could tarnish the reputation of the Biden administration.

Despite lacking concrete evidence, Hunter Biden’s legal team uses legal maneuvers and public relations tactics to shield him from justified criticism and deflect attention from the questionable activities tied to the Bidens. This highlights a pattern of behavior where the Bidens seek to evade accountability and manipulate the narrative to their advantage, demonstrating a disregard for ethical standards and the rule of law.