IQ Test: The CDC Says All Americans Should Get This Year’s COVID-19 Shot

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Pfizer has come up with a new mRNA vaccine for this fall’s expected COVID-19 variant and the pharmaceutical giant promises that this one is going to be a winner! Pfizer is so convinced of this that the CDC is recommending that every American, including babies as young as six months of age, should get this new and improved shot. This is starting to become an IQ test at this point. Exactly how stupid does the CDC think we are? 

The current round of COVID “vaccines” that don’t work target the XBB.1.5—whatever that is. At least they’ve stopped giving the variants scary names like “OMICRON” or “ULTRA-DEATH” to try to sucker people into taking the experimental shots. However, the newer shots from Pfizer and Moderna will target the KP.2 variant, starting this fall.

The updated DNA-altering gene serums that they’re calling “vaccines” are expected to be available in September. A single dose will cost $130. Even as the CDC is recommending that you jab yourself and your baby with this new shot, the agency continues to ignore the scientific literature that shows these shots are more dangerous than COVID-19 itself.

The latest example comes from researchers at the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology at the University of Turin in Italy. The scientists there just published a new study in the journal Microorganisms on June 30, 2024. It’s hot off the press and peerreviewed. The study is titled, “A Critical Analysis of All-Cause Deaths during COVID-19 Vaccination in an Italian Province.”

The scientists tracked the outcomes of people who got vaccinated versus the unvaccinated in a province for approximately two years (739 days). They had huge sample sizes for this, so the results are statistically significant.

There were 290,727 unvaccinated people in the province with a mean age of 48 years; 245,741 people who received one mRNA dose with a mean age of 49 years; 234,287 people who received two doses with a mean age of 50 years; and 186,684 people who received three or four doses, with a mean age of 52 years.

That’s a grand total of 957,439 people. It’s a greater number than the populations of our five smallest US states. No one can criticize this study by saying they only tracked a small sample size of people.

The results showed that over a two-year period, people who received two doses of an mRNA vaccine experienced a loss of life expectancy that was 1.37 times greater than the unvaccinated. Two COVID shots give you a 37% loss of life expectancy. That’s not a very good deal for anyone under the age of 50, since their chances of dying from COVID-19 are statistically near zero (especially if they’re treated with that magic horse paste stuff known as ivermectin).

To put that into perspective, a lifelong cigarette smoker has a 14% loss of life expectancy compared to a non-smoker. Receiving two COVID vaccines is two and a half times more dangerous for you than smoking for your entire lifetime!

The researchers also found a statistically significant loss of life expectancy for people who had three or four doses of the mRNA poison. This is the very latest, peerreviewed, scientific literature to be published on the COVID vaccines. Yet the CDC continues to ignore the real science while telling every American to get the next shot they have in development.

IQ Test: Should you get the next COVID vaccine, which was rubberstamped by the FDA after not going through any safety trials?