Joe Biden’s Alleged Rape Victim Speaks Out from Exile in Russia

Kamira /
Kamira /

It’s now been almost ten months since Joe Biden’s alleged rape victim Tara Reade was forced to apply for political asylum in Russia. She was warned by a member of Congress that Biden would have her killed if she set foot on US soil again after making a trip overseas. Ms. Reade has a verified account on Twitter/X and continues to send regular updates on her plight, as she is separated from her friends and family because Joe Biden allegedly victimized her. We thought that since it is an election year, it’s important to keep reminding everyone that Joe Biden is an accused sex criminal.

For those unfamiliar with Ms. Reade’s story, she was a staffer for Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) back in the 1990s. One evening, Joe Biden caught her alone in a darkened hallway in the US Senate. Ms. Reade alleges that Joe Biden roughly pinned her against a wall and raped her.

Joe Biden has rarely spoken of his alleged victim and denies that he raped her. On the rare occasions when someone brings it up, someone from his campaign claims that it is a “debunked hoax.” Debunked by whom? No one has ever presented any contrary evidence to prove that Tara Reade is lying. She told friends and family members about the “alleged” rape when it happened, and they have corroborated it. No one has ever debunked her story.

When Ms. Reade realized that her alleged rapist was on the verge of becoming the Democrats’ nominee for president in 2020, she decided to finally come forward with her story. The mainstream media universally claimed that they had debunked her story and painted her as a liar. This marked the death of the #MeToo movement and the “believe all women” mantra that they had championed for years in efforts to get Donald Trump.

Ms. Reade wrote a book about her experience of being “allegedly” raped by Joe Biden and her mistreatment by the media. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find anyone in the left-wing publishing houses here in the US that would agree to publish her book. She had her agent shop the book overseas. The Christian nation of Russia, which has a lot of good reasons to hate Joe Biden these days, eagerly offered her a book deal.

At the same time as she was negotiating with her publisher in Russia, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) were in talks with Tara Reade to come and share her testimony about Joe Biden “allegedly” raping her in front of Congress. Ms. Reade was in Russia to sign her book contract the day before she was supposed to fly back to the US and testify before Congress.

Rep. Gaetz called Ms. Reade in Russia and informed her that she was in “imminent danger.” In a best-case scenario, Biden’s FBI Gestapo was going to lock her up forever like a January 6er. In a worst-case scenario, Biden would simply have her killed. Tara Reade applied for political asylum in Russia and has been there ever since.

She wishes that she could come back to the United States again, but Ms. Reade realizes that’s not possible as long as her accused rapist is sitting in the Oval Office. Here’s what she posted on Twitter/X over the weekend: