Liberals Want To Censor Your Speeding Habits

Den Rozhnovsky /
Den Rozhnovsky /

Over the years, liberals of America have found various ways to interject their police state censorship and freedom stealing on the American people. Oftentimes, hiding it as a fact or news article, they have infiltrated our media, and even often-cited publications like Vox are a part of it. Now, using Vox to push their agenda of censorship, they want to keep tabs on and limit your speeding habits.

In a piece from guest journalist David Zipper, he kicks off his piece by citing an often-refuted study that claims 12k car fatalities per year, or roughly one-third, were caused by speeding. An oversimplification of the truth, this figure is taking police estimates about speed for the weather conditions, condition of the vehicle, and other traffic to determine a figure. They then base fatality statistics on their presumptions from a situation. It fails to only look at the speed alone, and the statistics they combine don’t paint the whole picture by a long stretch.

Zipper then tries to argue car manufacturers are to blame for these fatalities.

“Although the highest speed limit anywhere in the US is 85 mph (on Texas State Highway 130), most new cars can easily reach triple digits. Speedometers often rise all the way to 155 mph, and even safety-conscious Volvo lets drivers reach 112 mph (those behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S Plaid can top 200 mph). Sure, a driver passing a semitruck on an interstate might need to briefly break the posted limit. But it’s hard to imagine a scenario where hitting 100 mph on a public road is anything short of reckless.”

Making the push for Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), he claims it is readily available and a simple solution for American drivers. From his argument, these systems have been a long time coming and were originally thought of over 40 years ago in France.

Zipper goes on to claim, “Modern ISA systems can be divided into two categories, both of which use GPS and digital maps to ascertain the speed limit on the roadway where a car is traveling. ‘Active’ ISA systems completely prevent further acceleration after the vehicle hits a given speed ceiling, such as five miles over the posted limit. ‘Passive’ ISA is more permissive, relying on sounds, vibrations, or accelerator resistance to compel the driver to slow down (a determined driver can ignore those warnings and keep speeding up).”

However, both of these systems are monstrous to imagine in American vehicles. The so-called ‘Passive’ systems could easily be altered, hacked, or adjusted to an ‘Active’ system with but a press of a button. The ability to further restrict, disable, or modify the car from outside of our control would become all too real. If anything, this is nothing more than a tool to invite big brother to sit shotgun and control your driving habits.

Liberal insurance companies like Geico have been after this kind of nanny monitoring by promising cheaper rates to people who voluntarily install their GPS devices in their vehicles. A monitoring program like this ultimately costs drivers who refuse to participate significantly more in premiums, as well as charging more based on data that fails to account for external situations.

We, as Americans, have seen what people like Zipper can do with their rhetoric. Undoubtedly, they can convince weak people that ISA is to their advantage, much like Hitler was able to convince people that giving up their guns would make them safer. While that might hold a candle for those living in LA or downtown Washington DC, that’s not the same for the 97% of the nation that is in the middle of nowhere.

Simply put, if you live in rural America, like 60 million or 1/5 of us do, you will have a time when you need to speed. Beating a storm, racing someone to a hospital, or getting somewhere in time to respond to an emergency happens daily across the nation. At times, your local EMT can easily be an hour down the road, the same can be said for a law enforcement officer. If you can help cut that time down by speeding in a civilian vehicle, you should be clear to do it.

Look around your life. The big city liberals have already destroyed the food we eat and taken away the funding to keep us safe. It’s time we put a limit on just how far we allow them to push us.