Nevada Residents Shocked to Discover They Voted in Feb. 6 Primary

Kristen Prahl /
Kristen Prahl /

Residents in Nevada who did not vote in the February 6 primary election have been surprised to learn that ballots were, in fact, cast in their names. That’s according to a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the national media would like you to ignore. Although Nevada elected a Republican governor in the 2022 midterms, Democrat Cisco Aguilar won the race for Secretary of State. As you can imagine, Cisco doesn’t seem highly concerned that obvious fraud took place in the primary.

When the news started to get out that ballots had been cast in the names of people who didn’t vote in the primary, Las Vegas resident and registered Republican Daphne Lee decided to investigate her own family’s voting records. Nevadans can check on the Secretary of State’s website to find their own voting history. Lee was surprised to learn that she and everyone in her family over the age of 18 had cast ballots—even though none of them had actually voted.

The most obvious explanation for how this could have happened would be that the Lee family had opted for mail-in ballots, which were somehow intercepted and cast by dirty, cheating Democrats. Lee assumed that was what happened, so she tried to opt out of receiving any future mail-in ballots. She was unable to do that on the Secretary of State’s website, which then sent her a message stating that she was not registered to vote and that her voting history with the state no longer existed.

“It’s just so frustrating,” said Lee. “This makes everyone uncomfortable.”

It’s worse than frustrating. It’s infuriating for every American who has been suffering from three straight years of 20% inflation under Joe Biden after the 2020 election was stolen in Nevada and other swing states. If we’re just going to have fake elections going forward and one-party rule under the communist Democrats, then Americans are no longer in control of their own destiny. We’re slaves to the people who figured out how to game the system and steal our elections.

Secretary Aguilar immediately blamed the problem on “technical issues” related to Nevadans’ voting histories. He says that the computer systems used by some counties need additional steps to make sure that voters who did not participate in the February 6th primary don’t have a voting history. Aguilar added in a not-at-all helpful fashion that some of those steps were not taken.

Notice that whenever Democrat election officials are caught covering up election fraud that takes place on their watch, they never address the actual problem or answer real questions. Instead, they deliver a blah-blah-blah of technical jargon and gobbledygook in hopes that everyone will fall asleep out of boredom.

Check out this word salad from Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar:

“Our office has been validating new files from each county and moving them into production as soon as the accuracy of the data is verified.”

Did that clear everything up for you? It’s always some sort of technical glitch that could not possibly have resulted in fake election results.

The real question that everyone wants an answer to is, did the fake ballots that somehow showed up in the system end up getting counted toward the vote totals on February 6th?

You will NEVER get a straight answer to that question. The closest you’ll come to the truth will be if Secretary Aguilar squawks and calls you a racist who is trying to disenfranchise minority voters. You will get anything but an address to the actual problem, which is that people who did not vote on February 6th had ballots cast in their names.

Every primary vote that takes place this year is a trial run for how the 2024 presidential election will be held. Based on the fraud that took place in Nevada on February 6th, President Trump might as well not bother campaigning there this year. Nothing is being done to prevent voter fraud in Nevada, so that state will be stolen this November, just as it was in 2020.