Professor Forced to Get Security After Study Proves Cops Aren’t Racist

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According to the political left, systemic racism exists, especially in the law enforcement industry. Apparently, that’s why more blacks are shot and incarcerated each year than any other race.

But what if a study could actually prove that wasn’t true?

Enter economist and Harvard professor Roland Fryer.

Fryer, like most of us, has heard the narrative that it was a racial bias that caused the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020, and as such, some reform, if not a completely new slate, needs to be given to all law enforcement in the US.

But unlike most of us, Fryer has the means and resources to see if such a narrative is true or not. And so he set out to do just that, using the Houston area for research.

However, what he found was quite astonishing, even to him, a black man himself.

He spoke to the Free Press about his paper and how he researched it and landed on his conclusion.

In the first portion of his paper, he found that for nonlethal force methods, blacks and Hispanics do indeed see more of this from police than other races.

But when it comes to being shot by police (the second part of his paper), whites actually see far more of this.

Fryer admitted that after his research led to those results, he was so shocked that he thought something must have gone wrong. And so, he started over, including using eight fresh research assistant recruits to help redo the data.

But even these eight and a whole new set of data resulted just as the first.

And that’s when he says, “all hell broke loose.”

Within four minutes of his paper being published, he got his first hate email, claiming that this was “full of s–t!”

He even had to enlist a personal bodyguard for a while just to do things like go to the grocery and buy diapers for his kid.

And why?

Because leftists don’t like being told that a narrative they’ve worked so hard on for years isn’t actually true.