Trump and Biden Head to New York the Same Day – See If You Can Spot the Difference

Both President Donald Trump and accused rapist Joe Biden went to New York on Thursday but for very different reasons. One of them went to the Big Apple to attend a swanky campaign fundraiser with two former presidents and a bunch of celebrities. It was tacky and tasteless, and wealthy donors had the opportunity to spend up to $500,000 apiece for the true insider experience. The other candidate went to New York because it was the right thing to do. He went to comfort a grieving city, family, and police force after a horrific crime. The comparison of these two trips to New York should tell you everything you need to know before you vote in the 2024 election.

President Trump went to New York to attend the wake of slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller. Officer Diller had been conducting a routine traffic stop in Queens when a career criminal who had been arrested and released by Soros prosecutors 21 times shot him in the stomach. The criminal who allegedly shot him is named Guy Rivera.

The bullet struck Officer Diller beneath his protective vest and hit him in the stomach. Footage of the shooting has appeared on social media and some news reports, but we’re not going to show it. It’s just too horrifying.

Officer Diller’s partner managed to shoot Rivera in the back and subdue him. Rivera, a husband and father of a young baby, died at Jamaica Hospital.

Rivera was taken to the hospital as well and treated for his wound. The man is such a career criminal that doctors discovered a shiv stored in his butthole. He fully expected to be re-arrested at any time, so he literally carries a shiv in his rectum for when he would inevitably end up in jail again before being sprung by some reckless Democrat prosecutors like Letitia James or Alvin Bragg.

That’s what Donald Trump went to New York for. He went to pay his respects to Officer Diller. He spoke with Diller’s family and with various NYPD officials and promised to turn things around in New York City when he’s re-elected this November. This soft-on-crime nonsense that puts communities and police officers in danger every day is going to end on President Trump’s watch.

Accused sex criminal Joe Biden, on the other hand, just went to New York City to raise money for his campaign. Since he doesn’t care about the country at all, Joe Biden was hanging out with America’s first black president, Bill Clinton, and with America’s first gay president, Barack Obama. If you forked over big bucks, you could have your picture taken with one of them. If you forked over even bigger bucks, you could have your picture taken with both of them.

Also in attendance were the not-at-all-funny “comedian” Stephen Colbert, human parade float Lizzo, and a bunch of other vapid celebrities who are always advocating for defunding the police. Tickets to the event started at $225.

For a donation of $100,000, you could get your pictures taken with Biden, Clinton, and Obama. For $250,000, you could attend a reception with them or go to the afterparty with Jill Biden at Radio City Music Hall. There was also some sort of secret event you could attend if you donated $500,000. We shudder to even think about what that was. Probably something to do with children and adrenochrome.

Joe Biden could have gone to the wake of Officer Diller, who is dead because of the Democrat Party’s policies. He could have demonstrated qualities like compassion and leadership. Instead, he skipped that so he could go and raise a reported $25 million for his campaign in what Biden called a “grassroots event.”

Only one of our two choices in November cares about the American people, and it shows. Please vote accordingly in the 2024 election.