Who Thought That Was a Good Idea? Scientists Seek to Attract UFOs with Nuclear Technology 

Marko Aliaksandr / shutterstock.com
Marko Aliaksandr / shutterstock.com

Aliens may be closer than you think, and scientists are determined to send them a personal invitation to planet Earth. 

According to expert Kevin Knuth, scientists are working on creating compact “handheld” nuclear reactors to lure aliens to Earth. Knuth, a physics professor at the University of Albany, says the research is already underway as scientists ramp up their endeavors to attract extraterrestrial beings to our planet. 

Scientists don’t watch a lot of sci-fi movies. If they did, they would understand the dire warnings inherent in Independence Day, War of the Worlds, and dozens of other films where extraterrestrials arrived on planet Earth, wiped their feet on the welcome mat, and obliterated humanity. 

And if they had seen Chornobyl, they wouldn’t advocate sending nuclear reactors into space or walking around with them in their hands. 

Knuth said researchers chose to use the handheld doomsday technology as bait for aliens because they can detect nuclear weapons and seem to have an interest in them. He explains that the plan involves using the nuclear reaction to power the equipment they use to observe UFOs in space and on the ground. They hope this will catch the aliens’ attention, prompting them to investigate. Then, researchers will gather imagery or data from the equipment. 

It sounds like researchers are monitoring a herd of deer or a cute squirrel on a trail cam, but movie history has shown us that it’s never a good idea to encourage aliens. They’ll never go home. 

It’s time to bake cookies to welcome our new overlords. According to Knuth, the mini-nukes have already been developed, and their patents have been filed. 

But National Reconnaissance Office officer David Grusch says it’s already too late. Aliens are here, and they live among us. In 2023, Grusch testified under oath that “non-humans” have been interacting with Earth for hundreds of years. 

Former government official Col. Karl Nell of Army Futures Command backed his statement. While participating in a SALT conference, Nell claimed that non-human intelligence has engaged with humanity for centuries. Nell stressed the importance of greater transparency concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) or UFOs, warning that concealing information about them could have dire consequences for America.  

Using portable Three Mile Islands to search for aliens is a new idea, the concept of using nuclear energy to lure aliens isn’t. Avi Loeb, a well-known cosmologist and astrophysicist, tried this approach in his quest to study UFOs through the Galileo Project last year. To date, no aliens have RSVP’d his efforts. 

For decades, researchers have been intrigued by the apparent correlation between UFO sightings and nuclear facilities. Reports indicate that unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) frequently appear near nuclear power, weaponry, and technology sites like Los Alamos, Livermore, Sandia, and Savannah River. High-ranking military and intelligence personnel have documented encounters with these mysterious craft dating back to the preliminary stages of atomic bomb development.  

During World War II, pilots reported strange orange lights near A-bomb development sites. Soldiers in the Korean War described encountering blue-green lights emitting “pulsing rays” resembling radiation sickness. Efforts to investigate these phenomena have included projects like the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which received significant funding from the Pentagon.  

As to why aliens are hovering over nuclear facilities, theories abound. Some speculate that extraterrestrial beings are monitoring our advancements in atomic energy, viewing these sites as significant milestones in our technological progress. These sites hold historical and scientific significance, potentially piquing aliens’ curiosity about humanity’s progress and the implications of nuclear energy. 

Others suggest that UFOs might be drawn to these locations for their energy potential, seeking to understand or harness the immense energy released through nuclear reactions. There’s also the possibility that aliens are monitoring atomic technology out of environmental concern, aiming to prevent potential disasters and safeguard the cosmos, like unsung superheroes of the universe.  

Former Pentagon UFO office chief Lue Elizondo has wondered if the connection isn’t to the facilities but the bodies of water near most of them.  

Whatever reason aliens may have to come to Earth, Democrats are likely already devising ways to register them to vote when they arrive.