Environmentalists Trying to Shut Down Power Plant Providing 9% of State’s Power

Ha-nu-man / shutterstock.com
Ha-nu-man / shutterstock.com

By now, you’ve probably heard that the cost of living in California is only going up. Not only do taxes and the minimum wage keep going up, but so do energy bills. And environmentalists aren’t only making things worse.

As I am sure you know, The Golden State has practically led the charge on going green, pushing everything from electric cars to banning everything fossil fuel-related, such as gas hookups on new construction.

Naturally, this has caused somewhat of an energy crisis in the state. With so few things run on coal, natural gas, etc. most residents have been forced to run their homes, cars, and everything else on electricity, which is fueled by “green” and renewable resources such as solar, wind, and water.

Of course, one problem with all that is that while supposedly better for the environment, these energy sources are not always reliable. The other is it has caused a massive strain on an already over-taxed energy grid.

And so, while most of the state runs unpredictably, on these greener sources, other forms of energy are still needed. The Diablo Canyon Power Plant is one such source. Unlike environmentalists, arch nemesis – fossil fuels – Diablo runs on nuclear energy, one of the cleanest and most reliable sources on earth.

According to The Center Square, Diablo gives power to about nine percent of California and is the leading backup power source in times of blackouts.

As such, even liberal Governor Gavin Newsom sees its importance and has recently awarded the state’s budget with funds to keep it open past its original 2025 closure date. Additionally, the federal Department of Energy has put up another $1 billion for the same purpose.

But radical environmentalists apparently aren’t happy about the move.

As The Associated Press reported, Friends of the Earth have filed a suit against the US DOE over the whole thing.

“The environmental impacts from extending the lifespan of this aging power plant at this point in time have not been adequately addressed or disclosed to the public,” they say, despite reports stating the plant is safe.

Leave leftist environmentalists to be unhappy about a clean energy source staying in business and keeping the lights for an entire state.