Landmark Ruling: Texas AG Ken Paxton Destroys Biden’s Trans Agenda in Schools

John Arehart /
John Arehart /

Parents across America owe Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton a debt of gratitude. Paxton sued the Biden regime for its attempts to force all schools in America to accept the Democrat Party’s transgender bathrooms and other degenerate policies. The US District Court in Northern Texas has ruled in Paxton’s favor, noting that Biden does not have the authority to redefine biological sex in a way that conflicts with Title IX.

The Texas legislature passed bills early on during Joe Biden’s illegitimate reign to protect kids in public schools from the trans agenda. Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott signed those bills into law. This infuriated the Biden regime, so they spent the next two years feverishly rewriting Title IX with 1,577 pages of new transgender rules. Take that, transphobes!

Title IX is a fairly simple and straightforward federal law that prohibits discrimination in public schools and colleges on the basis of sex. Boys and girls have equal rights and protections when comes to sports, bathrooms, classes, or anything else that happens in schools.

Joe Biden, however, in his 1,577-page rewrite of Title IX, changed the definition of biological sex to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” This completely abolishes Title IX and eliminates all the sex-based protections that kids have against discrimination.

Under the Title IX rewrite, all public schools in America are now supposed to let kids (and adult teachers) use whichever bathroom matches their “gender identity.” Teachers must force students to use the “preferred pronouns” of transgender weirdoes. Biological males would be allowed to compete on girls’ sports teams and steal all the trophies.

All these things are issues that Texas state law prohibits, and rightly so. Nothing in Texas state law contravenes Title IX, and in fact, the Texas law adheres completely to Title IX’s protections against discrimination. But when Joe Biden changes the definition of biological sex to mean whatever some weirdo wants it to mean, it destroys the intent of Title IX. Texas would be forced to violate its own state laws if it accepted the Biden regime’s new definition.

Any school in America that does not adhere to Joe Biden’s perversion of biology would find itself subject to a federal discrimination suit from the Department of Justice. The federal government could also use the rewrite to withhold federal education funds from states. Texas, for example, receives about $6 billion per year in federal education money for K-12 schools and universities. Texas could lose all those funds unless they obey Joe Biden’s transgender tyranny.

Fortunately, the District Court agreed completely with Attorney General Paxton and nuked Joe Biden’s transgender rewrite of Title IX from orbit.

“Texas has prevailed on behalf of the entire Nation,” said Paxton in a press release after the landmark victory.

The court ruled that Joe Biden’s rules violated the equal opportunity, dignity, and respect that boys and girls are entitled to under Title IX. Instead, Biden’s rules did the opposite and were “wholly divorced” from the intent of the federal non-discrimination law that Congress passed. The court added that Biden’s trans policies represent a shocking transformation of education in America that usurps authority from Congress to write laws.

“That is not how our democratic system functions,” the court scolded Biden’s attorneys in the final ruling.

It’s a sensible and sound ruling that protects the rights of all children and parents in America. It’s so common sense that even though the Department of Justice will now try to appeal the case, they are unlikely to succeed. This ruling secured by Attorney General Paxton is a death blow to Joe Biden’s trans agenda in schools.