Litmus Test: How the FBI is Driving Trump Supporters Out of the Bureau

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Even longtime employees of the FBI with a clean service record are being kicked out of the bureau if their superiors discover that they are Donald Trump supporters. This isn’t speculation. Just the News has obtained the redacted documents that prove it. The FBI has now been transformed into Joe Biden and the Democrat Party’s personal secret police agency. This new Gestapo believes it is above the law and should be viewed as an enemy of the American people until it is completely abolished.

Just the News obtained documents from the spring of 2022 when senior FBI leadership conducted a top-secret employment review of a longtime agent. The FBI sought witnesses and asked them whether the agent was a Donald Trump supporter. They also asked if the agent had ever said anything negative about the COVID vaccines, or if he had ever attended a Second Amendment rally on his personal time.

The FBI agent’s friends, neighbors, or co-workers ratted him out. Several months later, his security clearance was revoked. He’s no longer an FBI Special Agent and he’s probably got a job in the mailroom if he hasn’t quit or been fired.

Here is what one of the witnesses wrote to the question of whether the agent was a secret Donald Trump supporter:

“Very significantly supported. Would listen to talk shows. Trump did not lose. Dems stole it. Militant points of view. Never implied would do anything aggressive/physical.”

The same witness said the FBI agent was opposed to masks and the COVID vaccine mandates, and that he refused to take the vaccine. He also tried to connect with other FBI agents to form a bloc that would resist the mandates. Another friend or co-worker who ratted him out called the agent a “gun nut.” He said the agent regularly attended Second Amendment events.

Another person wrote, “Def Trump supporter. Strong Republican values.”

None of these issues have anything to do with an FBI agent’s security clearance. That didn’t stop FBI leadership from ruining the agent’s career over his protected political beliefs. Since this incident happened two years ago, imagine how many more Republican agents have been drummed out of the bureau.

If you’re wondering where to find all the “good apples” at the FBI that we’re always hearing about from Congress, the answer is that there probably are none. You can’t have an unaccountable secret police bureau if anyone works there who disagrees with you.

The FBI is completely out of control and is now a partisan threat to America. No external threat to a country poses as much risk to freedom and liberty as internal secret police. The FBI now considers itself an unaccountable and all-powerful fourth branch of the US government. This is why FBI Director Christopher Wray is never scared of anything that Republicans in Congress threaten to do to him.

The FBI probably has blackmail information on so many Representatives and Senators that it has no concern about ever losing funding. How else would you explain it when Republicans voted last year to fund a new headquarters for the FBI? Christopher Wray practically laughs in their faces when Republicans try to issue subpoenas for documents or conduct basic oversight of what the bureau is doing.

We have to assume that this purge of Trump supporters from the FBI has been going on the whole time that Joe Biden has been in office. Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a “threat to democracy” in the eyes of this unelected regime.