Mayorkas Shields Biden’s Asylum Policies, Shifts Blame to Congress

Tennessee Witney /
Tennessee Witney /

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is trying to defend President Biden’s latest misguided executive action on asylum, and it’s almost laughable. Biden’s approach is to restrict asylum seekers. At the same time, he is pointing fingers at Congress, but it’s nothing more than a desperate attempt to salvage his sinking ship.

Mayorkas, speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” praised the implementation of the new policy, claiming it’s too early to assess its impact but insisting signs are positive. This executive action, which blocks migrants crossing illegally from seeking asylum once a daily limit is met, is supposed to be Biden’s bold move on the border. Let’s be honest, though: it’s more of a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott didn’t hold back, accusing Biden of “gaslighting” the American people. On Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Abbott tore into the President, stating, “What Biden has done isn’t securing the border at all. He’s stopping the asylum process, but that doesn’t prevent illegal crossings. There’s no enforcement mechanism in place.” Abbott’s right. Biden’s policy doesn’t stop the influx; it just changes the paperwork.

Despite increasing border encounters, Mayorkas argued the restrictions would deter people from attempting to cross. He emphasized the administration’s intent to change the “risk calculus” for individuals considering migrating, urging them to use lawful pathways instead. Really? That’s the plan?

For the past three years, there’s been a surge in migrant encounters, according to various analyses. Yet, this administration dragged its feet, only acting now because a bipartisan immigration deal collapsed in February. Mayorkas explained that after the bipartisan agreement was rejected twice, they developed and implemented this new policy. Now he’s asking Congress to do more, claiming they can only resource the necessary departments with legislative action.

In February, Senate Republicans blocked a major bipartisan border deal amid heavy criticism from Trump and top House Republicans. Democrats tried to revive the measure in May. Still, it only highlighted divisions within their party, undermining their border security narrative. Biden’s new measure further exposes these divisions, with some progressives comparing it to Trump-era policies.

Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, a close Biden ally, tried to distinguish between the current and previous administrations on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Coons argued that Trump’s policies were cruel, citing the separation of families and the caging of children while attempting to paint Biden’s approach as more humane. But let’s call it what it is: political posturing.

Progressive House Democrats called Biden’s executive action “a step in the wrong direction” and urged him to reverse course. The ACLU has also vowed to sue, likening the action to Trump’s policies. Mayorkas, expecting the lawsuit, stood by the legality of the new measure, emphasizing a humanitarian obligation to keep vulnerable people from smugglers.

Meanwhile, Biden, looking to secure Latino votes, is reportedly planning another immigration move to provide legal status for long-term undocumented immigrants married to American citizens. It’s a classic move: shift the narrative, court a voting bloc, and hope no one notices the glaring policy failures.

What a strategy! Let’s ignore the border crisis and the crime waves hitting our cities while focusing on more amnesty. If Biden keeps giving out freebies, people will forget about inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and his administration’s general mess. It’s like a magician trying to distract you with one hand while the other is pulling a rabbit out of a hat—or, in this case, more votes out of thin air.

Biden’s latest executive action on asylum is a transparent attempt to appear tough on immigration while placating various factions within his party. It’s too little, too late, and Americans deserve better. We need absolute border security, not more empty promises, and political games. Mayorkas can spin it however he likes, but the reality is apparent: Biden’s approach isn’t working, and it’s time for a change.